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Preteen Nude Art

Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 08:22:33 -0800 (PST)From: Jeff Spencer Subject: Dream, Part 1 (M/t, oral, anal)This story involves descriptions of sexual encounters between teenagedboys, and males of different generations. Be warned, and do not read ifreading this type of story is illegal for you. It is fiction, and shouldnot be taken as approval of actual contact of this type between adults andchildren. If you like it, drop me a line at JeffSpencer69yahoo.com. Pleasecontribute some money to Nifty if you enjoy this and other works postedthere. Enjoy!==================================I awoke to feel a small, sensuous hand slipping under the waistband of mykhaki boxers. The warm hand slipped over the globe of my right ass cheek,which was uppermost, as I was lying on my left side. The hand, smooth andfirm, gently Preteen Nude Art cupped my ass, which made me groan from the unexpected, butpleasurable, feeling. I could feel my 7" cock swelling with interest, and astrong tingle in my balls in their hair-covered wrinkled sack. The feelingof heat, and smooth flesh, extended all along almost the entire length ofmy body, pressing against me from behind.I felt warm, soft breathing on my shoulder, the owner of the hand becomingmore excited, their breathing rate increasing. The hand continued exploringmy ass, pressing and squeezing my butt gently, tickling the few, brownhairs on my ass. Soft, warm lips pressed against my right shoulder blade,the tender touch causing me to groan from the unexpected, but needed, humancontact.My bottom wiggled involuntarily, and the small hand slipped deeper into myheat, into the moist valley between my globes, the Preteen Nude Art stranger's fingersseeking out my dark and heated anal opening. My anal pucker flexed inexcitement and anticipation.I felt a radiant heat, and somehow, a sense of building sexual excitement,from the person behind me, my impertinent mystery lover, and soon hisgender became readily apparent, as I felt a stiff, hot, rod rise between usand press into the back of my thighs, between the bottom curve of my assand the top of my thigh, a slim track of slick, hot wetness trailing fromthe head of that sweet shaft teasing me deliciously. He moved up until thatfat, firm cock was pressing into my lower back, our bodies joineddelightfully, if only teasingly. It was clear that he was shorter, if notyounger than me.I desperately desired the feel of his hardness, even if only a finger,inside and filling me. As though reading my mind, his index finger slowlyslid deeper into the furrow, gathering the moisture of my night sweat - aclean sweat, as I'd showered before hitting the rack, there in the US Armycompound outside of Fallujah, Iraq. I was a First Sergeant with a companyof combat engineers, Delta Company. My name is Jeff Roberts.He twisted his finger about, gathering my musky sweat, then drove thatfinger delightfully deep inside, just reaching my prostate as he fucked inand out of my receptive hole. His right hand reached around my hip, and hisshorter arm was barely able to reach the tip of my shaft, already drippingmy pre-cum, in anticipation of shooting my load.I hoped that the target would be his mouth, as I could imagine my stickywhite cum dripping off his warm full lips, which had been tenderly grazingmy shoulder. And then we could share it in a sweet kiss. Or perhaps I wouldshoot it in his own, no doubt tasty, ass hole. Of course, I was willing tosettle for just cumming in his hand if it came to that - for gays, it seemslike it's 'An Army of One' sometimes. As a 6' 1", 210 pound, brown-eyed andbrown-haired 28 year old, I was at the height of my sexual interest, and mythick cock often had a mind of its own, but a definite interest in othermen.His small, slim fingers teased my erect cock deliciously - mine wasn't thefirst cock this boy/man had played with, at the very least he wasself-taught. My cum drooled onto his delicate fingertips, creating a silkytexture to his already exciting touch. I could feel, too, the hot, plumphead of his cock as it stroked back and forth over my back, just above thewaistband of my boxers which, by some miracle, were still on me. I couldn'ttell how long that shaft was, but it was thick, heavy and hot on me, aswere his balls, which seemed to be contained inside a very hairlessscrotum. Heavy and hot, too, was the flow of cream from the tip of hiscircumcised rod, as it slid so easily in the growing slippery pool of hismale fluid on my smooth back.I could smell it, too, his salty, sweaty, musky male scent, the richness ofit almost causing me to cum in his hand. I gasped, and hitched my body,pressing my ass back hard into his crotch, as he slipped his index fingerfaster inside me, fucking me nearly as hard, if not as deeply, as any loverI'd experienced before. I groaned, as he pressed his lips hard onto myright shoulder, then bit me, quite hard. My head jerked around to see whomy mystery abuser might be, but caught sight only of a few strands of long,light- colored hair. His slight gasps, too, sounded young, like Preteen Nude Art a voicethat hadn't completely grown into itself yet.Light hair ruled out an Iraqi, but in any case they weren't allowed in thecamp. Too much chance of an `insurgent' wreaking havoc.The long hair ruled out one of my fellow reservists - our hair was cutshort. That left only one of the press. I supposed it was possible thatone of them was enjoying a late night interlude with me, though I'd beenvery careful in hiding my 'interests.' There was an Australian cutie whoI'd have loved to fuck, if circumstances were different, but he was happilymarried (it seemed), besides he was nearly two inches taller than me at 6'3" and clearly my mystery lover was much shorter than I. I estimated 5' 6"or so. Also, he had a deep voice, which my mystery lover definitely seemedto lack.At any rate, I figured I'd find out eventually. His finger fucking of myass, simultaneous with his frenzied stroking of the last three inches of mycock, brought me to the edge of orgasm. I could picture my piss slitflaring widely to allow the massive eruption of cum that was fighting toget out."Fuck, I'm cumming!" I whispered excitedly, and I was pleased to hear himsay, in a somewhat high-pitched voice, "Me too!" He humped his groin acrossand over my round ass cheeks, his hard cock splitting them, but not nearlyas deeply as I would have liked!"Unhh," he grunted in my ear, but I was nearly past hearing as Iconcentrated on my own pleasure. I reached around behind me, to feel a slimfigure, even more naked than I, humping into my more solid body. "Yeah,fuck, buddy, cum on me!" I whispered, and his dry humping of my ass grewmore frenzied, as did his caressing and stroking of my long shaft and fatdick head, now overflowing with cum."FUCK!" he nearly shouted out, which startled me, but I felt a warmbubbling of liquid, thick and viscous onto my back, as he came in a seriousof eruptions on me. He quickly brought his face to mine, too quickly for mysleep-filled eyes to begin to focus, and kissed me deeply, his warm, fulllips pressed to mine, his breath redolent of fruit, a peach scent. Ourtongues danced happily as he continued to stroke my ready dick inside myshorts, my readiness and excitement soon overwhelming me, thick globs of mycum coating his fingers, his kiss unbroken as I came in his arms.I could feel his breathing, hot currents of moist air racing over my cheek,as he came more fully into my arms, his naked body smooth, but smaller Preteen Nude Art andslimmer than mine. He had no hair on his body that I could feel, save for asmall bush at his dick. His breathing slowed, as he slipped into sleep, butany other observations I might have made were quite lost, as I, too, fellasleep, sated.I awoke the next morning, momentarily puzzled by the feeling of an absence.Then the events of the night before came rushing back to me, and I lookedaround for my midnight lover, or at least evidence that he'd been there.To my surprise, and relief, there was none. Surprise, because the sex weshared had been the most real thing I had ever experienced. I almostexpected him to still be there. Relief, because if I were to be discoveredin bed with a naked man, I could count on a courts-martial, no matter howwell liked I was in Delta Company. I slipped my hand inside my shorts, andfound my cock and balls, and my bush of curly brown pubic hair, crustedwith evidence that I had cum in the middle of the night, a hardlysurprising event for anyone, straight or gay, out of a group of virile menin their twenties.Opportunities to bust a nut were unfortunately few and far between in Iraq,regardless of preferences. Wet dreams were a common occurrence. I felt astickiness on my back, and found a thin crust of drying sperm there, too.Hesitant to ascribe it to anything else, I just told myself that some of myown cum had dripped back there. My thoughts then quickly turned to ourmission.Our project to repair the infrastructure of the town continued apace. We'dgotten a lot of experience doing water line improvements down in Mosul, soafter three months there, our unit was transferred to Fallujah to do moreof the same. A few days after my interesting dream, we were working,supervising a team of Iraqi laborers replacing some shattered waterpipe. As we'd often jump down into the trench to assist them, we all endedup pretty tired and dirty.The squad I was working with and I wolfed down some MREs, as we'd finishedthe day's work after the mess hall closed. Following our routine ofshowering only when our need for it, and the availability of hot watercoincided, we sank into our cots and conked out. The only one who didn'twas PFC Wallace, who had a joking reputation as 'gay' because he was soprissy. He was taking a cold water shower, a routine he never missed. Guysin the squad would ask me what I thought of him, and Preteen Nude Art why the Army neverkicked him out, all the time never suspecting that I was gay. Wallace sureas hell wasn't.Anyway, I could barely remember my head even touching the pillow, when Iawoke in the dark sometime later in the night, noticing a movement Preteen Nude Art Preteen Nude Art off tothe side of my cot reflecting some stray light."What the fuck?" I murmured, when a semi-naked, and slim teenaged boy cameinto focus. He was blond, with cute boyish features just starting to turninto those of a man. I estimated his age at fifteen or sixteen, his heightat 5' 6" and his weight about 120 pounds.His skin was a creamy white, showing just a touch of tan, and none at allwhere it counted, in his sweet little groin and pale, round rear end, twotremulous globes of delight. He had a snub nose I could dream on, and longhair hanging over his eyes. He sure as hell wasn't military, and he sure ashell wasn't Iraqi or press, unless he was a stringer for Boy's Life. Hissmile, sensuous and dreamy, showed even white teeth.He was clad only in a pair of tighty whities, apparently his youngerbrother's, because they were way too small for him, and did nothing toconceal his cute dick, which left a thick outline straight up the cottonfabric, up to the point where his fat, red cock head peeked over thestretch band. Thin white bands of untanned skin marked his waist and innerthighs. Apparently he wore something bigger than a speedo in the sun...He saw me looking at his cock, and blushed prettily. Shyly, he said, "Mom'spromised to buy me some new ones for my birthday, but she said until thenwe'll just have to get along as best we can.""Holy fuck, who ARE you?" I began. "And what the hell are you doing in amilitary compound? You're a fucking civil-""Shh," he whispered, as he crawled into my cot, under my thin sheet, andpressed against my near-naked body. "I don't think the others will hear us,but best not to take that Preteen Nude Art chance." He immediately wrapped his thin armsaround me, and brought his face to mine, preparing to kiss me. The warm,fruity perfume of his breath, a peach breeze, washed over me, and suddenlyI knew. "You're the guy in my bed a couple of days ago," I said,wonderingly. "But I thought you were just a dream!""Heh, and you're the man of MY dreams," he said, without an ounce ofapparent irony."My name's Timmy," he said shyly. "Ever since that special on Fox News, Ihaven't thought, or dreamed of anything but you, Sergeant Roberts." Icouldn't help but notice how good the boy's hair smelled, like fresh mowedgrass, like, I dunno, like home. My eyesight got a little blurry at thisreminder of home, so far away, and I buried my nose in his long, blondhair, fetchingly hanging over his eyes, so he had to slightly shake hishead whenever he looked up at me.Too, I noticed his cornflower blue eyes, and his long eyelashes. I foundmyself nearly drowning in those eyes. I shook myself, and said, "Fox?"There had been a correspondent and cameraman from Fox embedded with oursquad in Mosul a few Preteen Nude Art weeks before, but I hadn't paid them much mind otherthan to joke with them a time or two."They showed you guys fixing stuff in Iraq," the blond said in his softvoice. "You were so handsome, and nice, but especially so kind hearted tothe civilians that you met, well, I just fell in love with you, and triedto dream about meeting you, and, holding you and kissing..."With that he buried his face in my chest, and I could feel hot tearsthere. "Hey, what's wrong?" I asked, my hands moving from the thin mattressto gently stroke his smooth, lightly tanned back and run my fingers throughhis flaxen hair. I could feel my dick growing harder."The other guys at school say I'm gay," he choked out."Well. What would they know about what's in your heart?" I asked, my voicegrowing Preteen Nude Art a little louder as I noticed I was no longer surrounded by mymates. I had Preteen Nude Art no idea where I was, though. Probably just dreaming again."You don't understand," he said. "I AM gay!! I wanted you to know. Ihoped....""Umm, okay," I said. "And I'm glad, believe me. Look, as far as I can see,one of us is dreaming. Haven't you ever wanted to do what you really wantedto do, in a dream?""God, yes," he said. He looked at me with dawning awareness. Preteen Nude Art "Would you do,you know, gay stuff with me?" His earnestness tickled me. His leaking andhard young cock tickled me even more.I slipped my hand under the overstretched elastic of his underpants, andgently grasped the thick cylinder of his cock. He rapidly sucked in hisbreath."Wow," he sighed. "That feels really good." His hips were already humpingup and down, with him unaware, causing his cock to fuck my fist. "Ooh." Heleaned forward, and for the first time our lips met in a full kiss, hiswarm, soft lips pressing against mine, his breath entering and filling mymouth. I found that exciting, as well, of course, as the feel of his hot,young cock in my hand."Mm," he murmured, stretching himself catlike, alongside my body. My freehand went to the back of his head, feeling his thick, long hair, running myfingers through his teenaged locks, then slipping down over his bare back,feeling the heat of his firm, youthful body, his young muscles flexingunder his smooth, unblemished skin.My hand continued down, to the strap of white elastic crossing his lowerback, just above where the curve of his delightful ass cheeks began."Please, inside," he murmured."Patience, baby," I whispered back, nuzzling his long, swan-like neck withmy nose and lips, and planting kisses on his slightly salty throat. Icupped his perfectly round ass cheeks in my hands, the globes barelyfilling my grasp. The heat of his ass intoxicated me, Preteen Nude Art and we both moanedsimultaneously as I squeezed his delicious ass, the delightful fleshfilling my grasp. I was slowly edging down his body, and when my mouth camelevel with his small, pink nipples, I couldn't resist their allure, firsttaking one, then the other between my lips, scraping my rough tongue overtheir softly pebbled surfaces, making him squeal."Ooh! That hurts Preteen Nude Art so good," he giggled above me, his fingers now runningthrough my short-cropped hair. "You smell so rough, and manly, I love it!"he moaned, and I remembered that I hadn't showered. I had the stink ofwork, sweat and lusty need on me.I continued my delightful journey southward on his body, my hands nowslipping inside his underpants, to cup his wondrously beautiful assdirectly."Oh, yes!" he said simply, as I began slipping the small scrap of cottonfabric down his slim hips.I paused to tongue his sweet little belly button, the taste of salt strongthere. He giggled again. "That tickles," he said. "But it feels REALLYnice!" The lowering shorts revealed a thin bush of nearly invisible curlyblond hair, glistening softly in the little bit of light available tous. My lips softly brushed over his fluffy pubic crown, anxious for whatwould follow.His fat cock, larger than I might have expected in someone barely near theend of his teen years, was hard and swollen. His cock was cut, the smallpiss slit already leaking a steady flow of his pre-cum. I licked lightly atthe tip, tasting his sweet, creamy fluid."Oh please, suck my dick," he begged. "I've wanted to feel a man taking mein there for so long," he begged sweetly, his hips rocking under me. Iignored his entreaties, and hooked my fingers under his pink ball sack,wrinkled and full, smelling slightly of boy sweat, and only lightly dustedwith soft, nearly invisible hairs. I gently squeezed each ball in turn, asthough one could press out a boy's liquid passion to drink it, and hetwisted from side Preteen Nude Art to side in pleasure.He responded to my intimate touches by drawing his legs up, bending them atthe knees. This caused his stiff cock to stand more nearly vertical, like aminiature, tasty flagpole, with his small balls at rest at the base. Thepathway to his little pink rosebud of an anus was clear now, and hisyouthful, masculine scent infused itself in my nostrils - that musky,sweet, salty tang that makes my mouth water with lust and desire.I sucked his balls into my mouth, the sack easily fitting in, my tongueplaying with his sweet little orbs, and juggled and licked teasingly thosetwo marvelous makers of his salty little wriggling sperm. He brought hisknees even closer to him then, against his smooth chest, and I was easilyable to see fully his small, puckered pink hole, as he offered himself tome.I slid my hand under his genitals, to cup and spread wider his littlebottom, simultaneous with my mouth descending hotly onto his alreadyjerking cock, as it slipped between my wet lips into the back of mythroat. I slipped my index finger into the wet notch of his anus, theopening tight and grasping on my digit. The heat there was furnace-like."OH GOD!!" he screeched, his cock jerking more wildly now as spurts of hisseed filled my mouth, his fingers painfully scratching through my short cuthair and his finger nails dragging over my shoulders. He tried severaltimes to implant his cock deep down my throat, his hips slamming up into myface, until finally he calmed down and lay supine under me."God, that was the GREATEST thing that's ever happened to me!" heexclaimed. I was pleased that I could make my dream boy experience thegreatest cum of his life, but I wanted to get my rocks off, too. I moved upuntil our faces were next to each other, and leaned down and kissed him,giving him a little taste of his cum, which tasted every bit as fresh andhot as I remembered other guy's cum to be (I told you we didn't get manyfuck chances over there!)His tongue eagerly swirled into my mouth and we kissed passionately, twomen dancing the samba of love, as we stroked and caressed each other. Hisbreath ran hot across my face as we squirmed together, then finally hebroke our kiss and said, "I want to please you, too!" I smiled at him."I'd like that too," I said. "Have you ever been with a man?""You mean...let a man fuck me?" He paused. "No. But I know I'd love it,especially with you. Please?" How could I resist?"Okay, we'll give it a try," I said. "I'll try not to hurt you, but it canhurt, at first. Turn Preteen Nude Art over onto your stomach."It was when he flopped onto his stomach, his ass pushed upwards towards myface, that I saw perhaps the most beautiful sight that any man can see. Twoperfectly round, unblemished and perfect orbs, gleaming whitely as a boyprepares himself to be fucked for the first time. I wanted it to be perfectfor him, and for me. I slowly and gently parted those lovely ass cheeks ashe sighed, then, spotting the beautiful, pink puckered opening directly atthe center of that valley, I leaned down to take it in with all my senses.The sweet little ridges radiating outward from the dark center intoxicatedme, filling my view, and I idly wondered why no artist had ever painted aportrait of a boy's perfect ass hole, considering the pleasure it couldbring to a man. The soft scent of his excited musk drifted up to my nosefrom his anal center, a sweet, fresh young man offering himself to hisolder lover, his perfume there natural and stimulating, earthy andmasculine. I lightly ran my fingertips over every part of him there,marveling at the silky smoothness of the skin of his perfect ass,contrasting with the rubbery roughness of his puckered anal ring, bothpleasing in their way, and both making what is the charm of a boy's sexualoffering to a man.Finally, I dipped my tongue into the furrow of his ass, the compromise landbetween his cheeks and his bottomless hole, inescapably moving closer to mygoal, his dark sexual center. As my tongue crossed over and around therubbery anal ring, he groaned with pleasure, his hand now between his nakedthighs, holding and stroking his Preteen Nude Art again rampant young dick. I chuckled athis young man's energy.I returned my attentions to his anus now, as I was very anxious to possessthat most beautiful of all asses. I licked inside his hole, the taste muskyand sweet, as he ground his ass backwards into my face, anxious formore. Deeper than I have ever explored anyone, I tasted that boy, fuckinghis hole and filling Preteen Nude Art it with all the spit I could gather, to move to thenext level. I must have licked his ass for a half hour, almost content withjust that sweet, lewd lovemaking.Finally though, I moved back to hold him in my arms, his body pressed backagainst me, my front to his back, his sweet ass pillows in my crotch,clearly feeling my hard cock, nearly ready to impale him. "I'm ready," hewhispered bravely back to me."Not yet, baby," I responded, my hand insinuating between his beloved asscheeks, my finger impatiently testing his opening. He knew immediately thatI was still preparing him, and little further guidance was needed as,first, one finger, then later, two fingers, and finally three fingersprepared him for the coming pleasure. After my combined fingers hadadequately stretched my dream lover's rear hole, I reached down to guide mydripping cock to his waiting love hole, only to find his arm hanging backover his hip, waiting impatiently to guide me in himself.I let him take my long cock between two fingers and press it against hisopening, then he pushed backward with his plump bottom, until the fat headof my cock slipped past and through the tight opening. He sighed, and keptpushing backwards, wanting more. I pushed too, forward, both of us lying onour sides, my cock sinking deeper inside his tight, hot opening, until atlong last I felt my groin press against his soft ass cheeks, compressingthem as much as I could.He looked back at me as best as he could. "It feels so....right. Having youinside me. Fuck me hard, cum inside me, make me all yours," he said, as Ibegan fucking that wondrous, delicious boy ass with a savagery andtenderness I never knew I possessed. We fucked for what seemed like hours,his hands caressing me over his shoulder, my hands stroking and teasing hissmall pink nipples. We kissed and nuzzled as we made love, and I fell inlove, sincerely, with that boy/man as I lay deep inside him, even as he hadfallen in love with me from afar.Too soon, but seemingly hours later, I could no longer hold off completionof my passion. As the urgency overcame me, I whispered, "I'm cummingdarling, cumming inside you, filling your sweet Preteen Nude Art little ass hole with all mycum, I want you so much...." and I heard him grunt with passion, spurts ofcum shooting from his untouched cock just as my own spurts were filling hisbottom.We touched each other again and again, and small Preteen Nude Art shivers of secondaryorgasms ran through each of us, as we slowly wound down Preteen Nude Art from our monumentalpeaks of ecstasy. Eventually we both dozed off, though reluctantly, neitherof us wanting to leave the other, even for an instant. Dimly, it occurredto me that I didn't even know Timmy's last name.The next thing I became aware of, I was waking up in a hospital bed in whatI was told was the 67th Combat Support Hospital, in Wuerzburg, Germany...=============================If you liked this story, drop me a line at JeffSpencer69yahoo.com. Thanks!
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